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How to Draw the Troll Face

To draw the Troll Face, start with an outline of a misshapen circle. Sketch in exaggerated facial features like a large grin and raised eyebrow.

Embarking on the quest to reproduce the iconic Troll Face can be both amusing and challenging. This infamous internet meme, known for its quirky grin and mischievous expression, requires attention to detail to capture its essence. Novice artists and seasoned doodlers alike seek to perfect the art of drawing the Troll Face, often for humorous effect on social media or just for fun.

The key to success lies in emphasizing the exaggerated features and ensuring the face exudes the playful, taunting character that has made the Troll Face a staple of internet culture. Whether for personal enjoyment or to share a laugh online, learning to draw this face is a dive into the playful side of digital creativity.

How to Draw the Troll Face


Introduction To The Troll Face Phenomenon

How to Draw the Troll Face

The Troll Face, once a simple drawing, quickly became an online legend. This iconic image symbolizes tricks and jests across the internet. Its exaggerated smile and mischievous expression capture the essence of internet humor. It’s more than just a face; it’s a staple of digital culture. Let’s explore the origins and impact of this infamous smirk.

The Origins Of Troll Face In Internet Culture

The Troll Face made a mark on internet culture back in 2008. It started from a comic posted on a well-known forum. Users loved its exaggerated features and cheeky grin. Below are key points in the birth of the Troll Face:

  • Created by artist Carlos Ramirez
  • First appeared in a comic on the 4chan forum
  • Quickly went viral and spread across multiple platforms

Troll Face As A Symbol Of Online Mischief

The Troll Face stands as a flag for online pranks. It appears in memes, videos, and even games. Here’s how the image became associated with internet trickery:

  1. Users share it when playing jokes on others
  2. Its grin is seen during unexpected plot twists in stories
  3. It pops up in “troll” levels of video games, where players get tricked

Basic Drawing Tools For The Job

Embarking on your artistic journey to draw the Troll Face requires some fundamental tools. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, having the right equipment will make the process smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s explore those basic drawing tools that will transform your vision into a classic, meme-worthy masterpiece.

Selecting The Right Pencils And Paper

Choosing quality pencils and paper is key to your drawing success. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Graphite pencils: They come in various grades. Use a range from 2H to 6B for different shades.
  • Erasers: Get both a kneaded and a plastic eraser.
  • Paper: Smooth, thick sketch paper is best. It can hold heavy erasing and pencil pressure.

A sharpener to maintain pencil points and a blending stump for shading are also essential.

Digital Alternatives For Traditional Drawing

Opt for digital tools if you prefer the screen to paper. Digital drawing can be just as fun and rewarding:

  1. Graphics tablet or iPad: Choose one that feels comfortable in your hand and suits your budget.
  2. Drawing software: Programs like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate offer great features for artists.
  3. Stylus: A pressure-sensitive stylus mimics pencil and paper, allowing varied stroke thickness.

These digital tools can provide an undo button, which traditional paper cannot. Perfect for beginners!

Anatomy Of The Troll Face

The Troll Face, a staple of internet culture, graces memes with its mischievous grin. Understanding its anatomy is key to capturing the essence of the troll. With exaggerated features and a unique expression, the Troll Face provides a distinct blueprint for drawing enthusiasts.

Proportions Of The Iconic Visage

Proper proportions are crucial. The Troll Face sports a large, pear-shaped head that tapers down to a smaller chin. The width of the face is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, giving it a whimsical, distorted look. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Forehead: Small and slightly curved inward.
  • Eyes: Set far apart, halfway down the face.
  • Mouth: Very wide, stretching beyond the cheekbones.
  • Chin: Pointy and small, contributing to the caricature effect.

Facial Features That Define The Troll Face

The features of the Troll Face define its iconic look. Each element should be exaggerated for full effect:

Feature Description
Eyes Small, beady, with heavy, upward slanting eyebrows.
Nose A simple shape, like an upside-down ‘L’.
Mouth Widely curved upward, lines extending into the large cheek area.
Teeth Usually uneven or mischievous, if shown at all.

Remember, achieving the Troll Face’s signature grin involves practice. Start with light sketches, and refine the features gradually. The emphasis should be on creating a playful and mischievous expression. Happy drawing!

Step-by-step Drawing Guide

Welcome to the world of drawing, where today we’ll conquer the iconic Troll Face. Ideal for beginners and those who love internet memes, this guide will lead you through a fun and easy process. Let’s bring out the mischievousness with simple steps!

Sketching The Head Shape And Outline

Start with a clean sheet and a sharpened pencil. Prepare to sketch Troll Face’s unique head shape.

  1. Draw a large circle to form the base of the head.
  2. Extend a chin below the circle with a curved line.
  3. Ensure the outline resembles an upside-down egg for that classic Troll Face look.

Adding Expressive Eyes And The Mischievous Grin

The eyes and grin are what give Troll Face its playful character. Capture this essence with care.

  • Create two circles for the eyes with spiral lines inside for a wild look.
  • For the grin, draw a wide, curved mouth stretching across the face.
  • Add the teeth with uneven lines to highlight the signature smirk.

Finalizing With Details And Expressions

Details bring your Troll Face to life. Finish your artwork by adding some final touches.

  1. Sketch in a furrowed brow to emphasize a cunning look.
  2. Add lines on the face to create expression wrinkles.
  3. Complete the drawing by going over your sketch with a dark pen or marker.
  4. Erase any unnecessary pencil marks for a clean finish.

Adding Color And Texture

Adding color and texture to your Troll Face drawing brings it to life. The right shades and effects can turn a flat sketch into a vivid, almost animated, character. The following sections guide you through choosing a color palette and applying shading and texture techniques to your artwork.

Choosing A Color Palette For The Troll Face

Selecting the perfect colors for the Troll Face ensures that the drawing packs a punch. Think vibrant and bold to capture its mischievous essence. A standard palette includes a range of greens, whites, and other punchy colors for the details.

Techniques For Shading And Texture

Shading adds depth, while texture brings a tactile feel to the drawing. Start with light shading to build up the dimension gradually. Use cross-hatching for a rough texture or smooth gradients for a soft appearance. Below are some simple tactics to enhance your Troll Face:

  • Cross-hatching: Draw intersecting lines for a rough texture.
  • Stippling: Use dots to create shadow and form.
  • Smudging: Blur pencil marks for smooth transitions.

Practice is key to mastering these techniques. Always remember to keep your hand light and build up the shading slowly.

Creativity With Your Troll Face Art

Unleashing your inner artist can be thrilling, especially when drawing whimsical characters like the Troll Face. This rage comic staple adds a playful twist to your creations. Exploring creativity with your Troll Face art not only brings out the humor but also showcases your unique style. Let’s dive into how this iconic face can adapt to various themes and incorporate distinctive touches that make your artwork stand out.

Incorporating The Troll Face Into Different Themes

Themed artwork takes viewers on a journey, and adding the Troll Face to different settings can amplify the fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Superheroes: Imagine the Troll Face as part of a comic book panel.
  • Historical Figures: Give a playful twist to famous portraits from the past.
  • Seasonal Scenes: Feature the Troll Face enjoying various holidays and seasons.
  • Everyday Life: Insert the face into common scenes for a humorous effect.

With each new theme, your Troll Face gets a fresh context, sparking laughs and conversation.

Personalizing Your Drawing With Unique Touches

Your art becomes truly yours when you infuse it with personal flair. Here’s how:

  1. Choose non-traditional colors for a vibrant twist.
  2. Add accessories like glasses or hats to fit a theme.
  3. Experiment with expressions beyond the classic grin.
  4. Bring in background elements that tell a story.

Blend your personal tastes with the mischievous charm of the Troll Face to create something unforgettable.

Sharing Your Artwork Online

After mastering the art of drawing the iconic Troll Face, it’s time to show the world your masterpiece. Sharing artwork online lets others enjoy your creations, provides you with feedback, and can even build a fanbase. With countless platforms available, finding the right place to post can be as fun as the drawing itself!

Platforms For Showcasing Your Troll Face

Choosing the right platform is crucial to get your Troll Face the attention it deserves. Here’s where you can post:

  • Instagram: A popular spot for artists, perfect for sharing visuals.
  • DeviantArt: Home for varied art forms, great for dedicated artists.
  • Reddit: Subreddits like r/comics welcome your Troll Face with open arms.
  • Facebook Pages: Specialized groups and pages foster art sharing.
  • Twitter: Tweet your artwork for quick shares and retweets.

Engaging The Community With Your Creations

Getting your art out there is just the first step. Engagement is key. Use these tips to stir conversation:

  1. Post consistently to keep your audience waiting for more.
  2. Write catchy captions that reflect your artwork’s playful mood.
  3. Respond to comments to show appreciation and build relationships.
  4. Use hashtags like #TrollFace and #MemeArt to reach a wider audience.
  5. Host drawing challenges or ask for feedback to spark interaction.
How to Draw the Troll Face


How to Draw the Troll Face


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Draw The Troll Face

Who Drew The Original Trollface?

The original Trollface drawing was created by Carlos Ramirez, also known by his pseudonym “Whynne,” in 2008.

What Type Of Drawing Is Trollface?

Trollface is a black and white digital drawing. It’s a cartoon character used to express Internet memes depicting mischief.

How Do You Draw A Troll Well?

Start by sketching a basic outline with exaggerated features like large ears or nose. Add textured hair and wrinkled skin for a realistic effect. Use shading to create depth, focusing on the troll’s distinct characteristics. Refine details and contrast for a lifelike portrayal.

How Do You Draw A Troll Nose?

Begin by sketching a large, bulbous shape. Add two nostrils at the top to give it a distinctive look. Make sure to shade around the nostrils for depth. Keep the lines rough for a rugged troll effect.


Wrapping up, mastering the iconic Troll Face sketch, with its exaggerated features and playful vibe, is now within your reach. Keep practicing the steps outlined, and before long, you’ll effortlessly add this mischievous grin to your doodle repertoire. Share your drawings online and enjoy the reactions – happy trolling!

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